Gieske’s Metalwork Services

Gieske has operated as a metal fabrication shop in Kansas City for over 100 years. We are experts in our field and offer the following services:

Metal Fabrication

We offer custom sheet metal fabrication services in the greater Kansas City area and facilitate select projects for clients across the country.


Our welding experts offer TIG, MIG, and Spatter welding, as well as many other joining methods, to meet the needs of any project.

Metal Cutting

Precision metal cutting is an essential part of the fabrication process. We have state-of-the-art tools, including laser, water jet, and plasma cutting equipment.

Metal Polishing

We utilize many techniques and pieces of equipment for metal polishing and can achieve brushed, mirrored, and angel hair finishes, among others.

Metal Repair

For customers located in the greater Kansas City area, we can help with metal repair projects.

Let’s Make Your Metal Vision A Reality



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