Railroad Services

We have been developing tools, safety, and access equipment for major railroads for over 30 years. With a diverse line of custom tools, we have filled a niche required by the railroads in order to carry out their day-to-day maintenance activities. We replicate and enhance designs provided to us by the railroad as well as develop new tools and equipment internally. One of the large advantages is our ability to completely customize most of the items.

We’re capable of meeting the safety requirements of the railroad depending on specific requirements.

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Tools and equpiment

2 Man Knuckle Carrying Tool

GE Injector Puller Tool

Coupler Lifter

Coupler Height Gauge

Hydraulic Coupler Jack

Reversible Laminate Board Lifter

Draft Gear Lifter

Safety Tools

Replacement Wheel Assembly for Center Sill

Ladder Foot Stop

80 Ton Center Sill Device

24" Jack Block

36" Aluminum Box Stand

Cushion Device Cradle

Platforms, Stairs & Access Equipment

Bed Plate Crossover Ramp

72" Mobile Access Stand

Custom Items

48" Wide Inspection Pit Work Platform

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