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In terms of finishes, a brushed finish gives the metal a textured, matte appearance, while a mirror finish creates a highly reflective surface. Angel hair finish is a type of non-directional finish that creates a fine, swirl pattern on the metal surface.


In terms of maintenance and lifespan, proper care can help extend the life of these metals. For example, stainless steel should be cleaned regularly with mild soap and water to prevent corrosion, and copper should be polished to maintain its shine. The lifespan of these metals can vary depending on factors such as exposure to moisture and harsh chemicals, as well as the thickness of the metal and the application it is used for.

Techniques and Capabilities

From the idea stage to the last moment of installation, we provide everything you need so the job is done right and above your expectations.

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Metal Fabrication

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Structural Shape Processing (Plasma)


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Plate Rolls


What do I need to provide to get a quote?

This is project dependent, but the more information you can provide, the better. Drawings and sketches are the most ideal, but pictures and explanations can work on some projects.

How long will it take to receive a quote for my project?

Typically quotes take 48 hours to return, but it depends on how much information is provided and how large the project scope is. The vast majority of quotes are returned within 1-2 working days.

How long will it take to complete my project?

Once we have all the information and a job is released for fabrication, it typically takes around 2 weeks for completion. This is highly dependent upon the job, a job that involves a single process, like just cutting material, can take a day or two, while larger fabrication projects or projects requiring special finishing or painting can take longer than 2 weeks.

Do we have wholesale pricing/discounts/designer pricing?

No. All our jobs are custom-made to order, and pricing is done at the time of the request. We do not have any special pricing structures for wholesale/commercial/private work.

What aluminum alloy do we stock?

We stock 3003 alloys for our sheet and plate stock up to 1/4″ thick and typically stock 5052 alloys for thicknesses above 1/4″. While we commonly work with 6061 alloy, we do not stock it due to its hardness, which makes it difficult to bend.

What stainless alloy do we stock?

We stock type 304 stainless in brushed, 2B, and mill finish. We commonly work with type 316 alloy but do not stock it.

What steel alloy do we stock?

We stock A36 steel in multiple finishes. Galvanized, Paintlock, Hot Rolled, Cold Rolled, and Hot Rolled, Pickled & Oiled.

What gauges of material do we stock?

We mostly stock 20GA through 3/8″ in most materials.

Do we provide design services?
While we can provide shop drawings for the items we fabricate and commonly assist in designing things, we do not offer a paid service for design work. If your project is in the conceptual stage, we are not equipped to provide design services. For instance, if you need a handrail made and have a general idea of what you want, we can assist you. However, if you have a complex concept for a widget that performs specific functions, we do not offer those kinds of design services.
What is the cost per foot for countertops, flashing, brake metal, or whatever your project is?
It’s difficult to provide a cost per foot for custom-made items like countertops, flashing, or brake metal, as the price depends on the specific design, size, and quantity of the items. Smaller sections and lower quantities typically have a higher price per piece or per foot than larger quantities. Each project is unique and requires custom fabrication, so we don’t have any standard pricing for these types of items. Please request a quote for your specific project, and we’ll provide you with an accurate price estimate based on your requirements.
Do we install it?

Yes. We are fully capable of field installation of almost all our projects if required, but this does add to the lead time as well as the cost.

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