Whether you design your home yourself or hire a third-party designer, finding the right look and feel can be challenging. Whatever you choose should resonate throughout the home, and often, rooms such as the bathroom and kitchen can become challenging areas. 

Here at Gieske, we work hard to bring designer-level pieces to your homes, ensuring that the look and feel you want continues through each room. One piece that many might forget is a kitchen hood. With its large design and essential job, a kitchen hood becomes a staple piece in a kitchen. 

So, as you choose one, remember that you have the option to make it just as stunning as the rest of your home, just as this home in Kansas City, Missouri, did. 

Carry Your Design Ideas Into the Kitchen Like This Home in Kansas City

A recent house in Kansas City, Missouri, had a full redesign by the designer Annie Kern. She took this 1913 home and made a beautiful, stained-glass, warm-feeling home for her client. The property is a six-bedroom estate with multiple entertainment rooms, both indoor and outdoor, and Kern had the challenging task of making every room cohesive with the homeowner’s vision. 

Each room was carefully curated with designer brands, looks, and pieces to bring the vision throughout every room, and that did not stop when she got to the kitchen. To continue the look of an elegant, historical home, Kern came to us at Gieske to create a kitchen hood that would match the look and feel of the rest of the home, and we were ecstatic to take on the job. 

The rest of the kitchen was adorned with white cabinets, beautifully upholstered chairs, a deep red oven, a white tiled backsplash, and a dark brown wood table. We knew we had to create a kitchen hood that followed the vision all the way up to the ceiling. So, we created a kitchen hood with polished nickel and hammered matte nickel strapping, creating an industrial but elegant hood to finish up the room. 

The Design Options Are Endless 

A kitchen hood does not have to be an eyesore. They can be a continuation of your design and vision for the rest of your home. 

At Gieske, we ensure that this is the case by offering multiple different metal, finishing, and style options to suit your design needs. We can provide hoods with various detailing, scoop sizes, and colors to ensure that what is brought into your home is something you can be proud of. No matter if you are hoping for a historical look in your home or a more modern-day black-and-white look, we can help design and create a hood that fits your needs. 

Choose a company that can understand your vision and bring it to life; choose Gieske. If you have further questions or wish to design your elevated kitchen hood, contact us!