A sculpture in an entryway, fountain, garden, or lobby can add elegance and beauty. If you are choosing to take the steps to find a fabricator who can make your design a reality, it is essential to think about what goes on behind the scenes. Sheet metal has become an amazing choice for sculptures as it is durable, malleable, and customizable, allowing it to not only withstand certain conditions but bring to life your idea better than any other choice out there. So, as you decide to add a beautiful sculpture to your area, consider sheet metal to create it. 

The Different Metal Types 

Many different metals can be used to make sheet metal, allowing for a long list of customized options and choices for your sculpture. For example, aluminum is often chosen because of its variety of different hues and surface finishes. It is also a very flexible and moldable metal, allowing for very detailed sculps. Aluminum can also be used for exterior or interior designs. 

Additionally, brass is a very common choice because of its gold-like look. It is lightweight, durable, and strong, making it a good choice for both indoor and outdoor sculptures. Then, copper is a soft and malleable metal that is waterproof and corrosion-resistant, making it great for outdoor designs. Lastly, stainless steel is the most sought-after metal for sculptures, as it offers a reflective finish and a clean, modern appearance. 

The Choice of Finishes 

The choice of metal is detrimental to the sculpture as you want it to last and not deteriorate in the environment where you place it, but one of the vital ways to ensure longevity (and a customized look) is the choice of polish and finish. 

Sheet metals can have a polished, brushed, matte, or textured finish, depending on how you wish the final product to look. Each of them helps increase the durability and lifespan of the metal as you are effectively protecting it from external forces. Additionally, choosing certain finishes can help make the sculpture look more eye-catching and increase versatility within the metal’s use. 

The Practical Benefits 

Choosing to use sheet metal can also come with its own practical benefits. Depending on the sculpture you choose to make, the metal can act as a great sound absorber within interior spaces. Additionally, your choice of metal and finish can help bring in and keep natural light within the room, as a reflective surface can be utilized near windows or entryways. With many metals providing a non-corrosive and durable product, sculptures will not only be eye-catching, but they will last longer and withstand harsh conditions, ensuring that you do not need to fix or replace anything when the proper maintenance is applied.  If you have a sculpture design that you wish to bring to life, contact the team at Gieske.