When our longtime customer reached out to us in the initial phases of this project it seemed like this could be an extremely tricky project. We started with a basic sketch and some artistic concept drawings, but we ended up hitting the mark at completion. It wasn’t without complications though, this was a multi fabricator project. Our customer was going to handle the glass, stone, lighting. We were going to handle the detailing, design, fabrication & engineering of the structure. What made this challenging were the requirements on the design. This overall structure is 50′ long x close to 20′ tall. This had to be able to ship across states, make it through doorways, reassemble, and have no visible fasteners. In addition, the wall is curved and it actually had the same grid work on the interior facing side of the store. Our customer provided accurate wood templates that lined up with the wall onsite so we were able to accurately 3D model this entire project and feel confident the dimensions we gave for glass and stone would fit, we would have openings aligned with the HVAC ductwork, and when it was installed, it would fit and line up. 3D Modeling provided a serious advantage on this project by allowing us to change design and work out problem areas before fabrication had started. It’s also great to be able to provide 3D views of products like this directly to our customers to ensure they can see what they are getting.

Seeing it in a photo does not do it justice, it’s all much bigger than it looks. If you look close you can see a guy working inside up on a ladder.

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