Company Profile


For over 80 years GIESKE (geese-key) has operated continuously as a custom metal fabricator for the needs of over 500 companies throughout the greater Kansas City metropolitan area. Our company enjoys a reputation of service, quality and value to a diversified market demand including industrial equipment fabrications and services, architectural products, HVAC, metal building accessories, electrical service boxes and wireways, machine components, railroad specialty tools, safety stands and platforms, processing equipment and prototype work. The well equipped fabrication shop and skills of the journeymen sheet metal workers using all current metal working techniques provides unique flexibility for fabrications of metals ranging from ½" to 26 gauge. In our long history we have been active in construction, in industrial and in service work.


The focus of GIESKE today is in the rapidly growing area of manufacturing service work. We believe this is the result of the down-sizing and out-sourcing of larger companies in their response to pressure to improve their competitiveness in the core product lines. When these organizations focus on their business, and begin to rely on reliable outside specialists for work previously performed in-house but not directly related to their core business, improvements in real operating costs are realized. Higher levels of technology and product quality often result.


GIESKE is aggressively marketing its industrial experience, the technology and broad fabrication capabilities to the manufacturing and service industries. The Estimators and Technicians at GIESKE are experienced in not only metal working but also in the role of project or product development work. We are able to take projects that go well beyond the traditional sheet metal working requirements in order to simplify the work for our customers technical staff. We will advise in project design and will coordinate all aspects of a project as required by the customer. GIESKE is not burdened with production contracts in order to focus on our business which is in short turn-around for our customers. The sales and management team at GIESKE has an average of over 20 years of industrial experience per person. We understand the monetary and time pressures on the support and service divisions of our customers and we can help justify your decision to use our services.